GTS G509

All New Flow Forged wheels with two Five-split spoke mesh design

RAC G508

Split-five spoke wheels are a new aftermarket wheels

GTS G505

Featured on the Luxury performance car


GTS Performance Wheels

For 10 years, We at GTS Performance Wheels have provided high end quality alloy rims for all kind of vehicles in Canada. We are serving more than 100 shops in GTA area from Car dealers, professional wheels shops, automotive modifying shops, automotive parts shops, to basic mechanic shops. We are building long term relationships with all our customers.






Flow forged is one of the most advanced rim producing technologies. Flow  Forged technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, while spinning and after it has been casted. This process stretches and compresses the aluminum, which increases tensile strength. In this respect the process shares similar properties to those found in the forging process. The final product is lighter, stronger, has increased elongation, and a much greater shock resistance as well as an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels. GTS brings the newest flow forged technology on G509 and G709,  gives you best Value,Performance, and Luxury.


Lighter                 Stronger            Increased Elongation

Greater Shock Resistance           Higher Load Rating